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Call of Duty Mobile in development at Activision Leeds

UK industry stalwart and UKIE chairman Andy Payne has revealed that Activision is working on an iOS and mobile version of Call of Duty. Furthermore, it’s being developed by Activision’s new Leeds studio, which was founded in November 2011. "Activision are like a machine," Payne told Videogamer.com. "I have to …

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Malware infiltrates iOS App Store for the first time

For the first time in its history, malware has successfully made its way into an available app on the iOS App Store. Wired reports that a Russian-language app called Find and Call was discovered to contain a Trojan virus that uploaded users’ address books to a remote server. It also …

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E3 2012: Ustwo endures fresh PR misery

Indie developer Ustwo looks to have walked headlong into a fresh PR disaster following an unpopular update to its smash hit iOS app Whale Trail. One-star user reviews are flooding onto the game’s App Store page after a recent update added in-app purchases to the game. What has irked users …

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E3 2012: OnLive iOS app is STILL awaiting approval

Cloud gaming provider OnLive has not given up hope of its iOS app going live – despite submitting it to Apple six months ago. The iOS OnLive app was revealed at E3 2011 and very much pitched as a key part of the package. When used in conjunction with OnLive’s …

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