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Opinion: To Be This Good Takes SEGA

It may be an old advertising slogan for the Mega Drive (or Genesis for American readers), but Sean Cleaver thinks the planned revival of Sega IPs could be great – if they are done properly of course

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Jury to rule on DOTA IP ownership

Two developers have presented a legal argument that Valve cannot claim ownership to the DOTA intellectual property. The name DOTA originates from a Warcraft III mod named Defense of the Ancient’s but is now more widely known thanks to its use in Valve’s popular MOBA title DOTA 2. Blizzard and …

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Sega wants to revive some of its classic IPs

Streets of Rage, Blazing Heroes, Full Auto, Panzer Dragoon, After Burner, Seaman, Virtua Cop – let your imaginations run wild. Sega has published a new ‘Road to 2020‘ roadmap in which it says that part of its strategy for creating titles that will become global hits” is to resurrect some …

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THQ Nordic has purchased even more IP, including Delta Force and F-22

THQ Nordic has purchased a number of IP’s and assets from NovaLogic and is seemingly open to developers pitching them ideas based on the franchises. Following on from purchasing multiple IP’s from the likes of THQ and Atari, THQ Nordic has purchased the rights to Delta Force, Comanche, Joint Operations, …

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