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Irrational founder creates new Aussie dev

Jonathan Chey, co-founder of Irrational games and former head of Irrational Australia, has started up a new developer: Blue Manchu. Chey has confirmed the existence of Blue Manchu in Canberra and announced its first game (a browser based collectible card game Card Hunter). The studio was founded in August 2010 …

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Infinite Wisdom

With BioShock Infinite, Irrational Games might just exceed the quality bar set by the groundbreaking first title. Develop asks director of product development Timothy Gerritsen how production is going

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SONY: Move confirmed for BioShock Infinite

Ken Levine has confirmed that BioShock Infinite will be compatible with PlayStation Move. During Sony’s E3 press conference, the Big Daddy of BioShock anecdotally described how the platform holder requested a meeting after he was interviewed about motion controls. I had expressed some scepticism about the very concept motion control …

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