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New distributor 4Side launches to handle Activision Blizzard’s physical distribution in Italy

Distributor 4Side was just created following an MBO by the team that led Activision Blizzard’s former Italian subsidiary. It says it’ll be “setting a new standard” in the polarised Italian distribution landscape. MCV@gamescom talks to GM Paolo Chisari

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Nintendo wins major piracy protection court ruling

Nintendo has successfully taken an Italian seller of devices designed to allow pirated games to run to court – and won. The decision was made by the First Instance Tribunal of Milan against an importer and seller of so-called ‘circumvention devices’, with game copiers and mod chips given as two …

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‘The name ‘game’ seems to be really limiting for this amazing media’

Games have grown up. It’s hard to imagine someone deconstructing the psychological processes behind Mario’s Goomba-squishing habits (probably an Oedipus complex) 30 years ago, but in 2015 there are countless articles, YouTube videos and even books about the deeper meaning behind titles, their characters and environments. This has led to …

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