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Jeff Brand PART 2: ‘You’re not able’ to play videogames

Following on from yesterday, Jeff Brand’s Freeplay 2011 speech is concluded with a call to action from gamers. In 2005, 88% of Australians supported an R18+ rating. What happened? JB: Elizabeth Hansley, who is in charge of the Australian Council on Children and Media, and former South-Australian Attorney-General Michael Atkinson, …

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Jeff Brand PART 1: ‘Ditch the classification scheme’ in Australia

Dr Jeff Brand has been an advocate of gamers being treated like adults since the 1990s. He spoke at Freeplay 2011 about the politics of achieving it in Australia. JB: The adjective ‘political’ really means to form a party around some issue and barrack for it. In fact, by meeting …

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