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Jim Ryan named as deputy president at Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has announced that Jim Ryan has been named the deputy president of SIE, with immediate effect. Ryan is currently the head of global sales and marketing of SIE, and president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe (SIEE), and will be retaining those roles and responsibilities in addition …

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Sony’s Jim Ryan explains the strategy behind its slim PS4 and PS4 Pro

Last week, Sony finally revealed its new PS4 consoles – a slimmer version and a 4K super-powered edition. We ask global head of marketing and sales Jim Ryan about the strategy behind the new machines What’s the target audience for the PS4 Slim? This is a path pretty well trodden …

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PlayStation: ‘VR uncertainty is liberating for developers’

PlayStation surprised us this year. If you had asked us what we would have expected ahead of their pre-E3 press conference, we would have suggested a hardware-centric show, featuring PlayStation VR and the firm’s new ‘Neo’ console. We would have put our money on the traditional sizzle reel of inventive …

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What’s PlayStation new structure means for Europe

One of the key differences between PlayStation and Xbox is how they operate on a worldwide level. Whereas Xbox takes a more global approach to its marketing and content acquisition, PlayStation adopts a more local strategy. Sony develops marketing campaigns for each territory, and it’s not unusual for Europe to …

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Sony thinks it ‘unwise’ to put constraints on Kojima

A Hideo Kojima freed from Konami’s publishing demands may appear a thing of nightmares, but Sony says that trying to shackle a creative mind like his is a mistake. If you try to place too many constraints on a free spirit like that it’s probably not a wise thing to …

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PlayStation rescues VR dream at GDC

It’s become almost predictable. PlayStation turns up to major industry event, steals all the headlines, and leaves its rivals wondering what exactly they can do to stop them. Not that the team always has to work that hard. Much like the PS4 vs Xbox One battle of E3 2013, Sony …

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