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Global eSports sponsorship to smash £500m this year

Superdata expects advertising to account for more than half a billion pounds in eSports revenue by the end of 2016. The data firm says sponsorship and advertising will account for the vast majority of money, far outstripping prize pools (60m) and betting (45m). In fact, sponsorship now accounts for almost …

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Opinion: The changing landscape of games industry conferences

SuperData’s Joost van Dreunen discusses the rapid rise and sheer number of video game events designed to educate the industry on the next big thing. For this year’s E3 conference, I’d like to not talk about E3 for a change. Over the course of my tenure as an industry analyst, …

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Who is supplying the console download data?

SuperData is the new official supplier of console download data for the UK games market. But how accurate is it? And can we expect it more frequently than just monthly? We ask CEO Joost van Dreunen Tell us a bit about SuperData. We’re a New York-based games research start-up that …

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