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KEY RELEASE: Substance Air

While the first two versions of its ProFX procedural texturing technology didnâ??t set the middleware world alight, the re-tooled, rebranded and refocused Substance Air is on course to tap into the growing digital download market, Ed Fear discoversâ?¦

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Key release: Havok AI

The company may dominate the physics market, but Havokâ??s ambitions donâ??t end at simulating Newtonâ??s laws, Ed Fear discovers. Its next target: artificial intelligenceâ?¦

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Aristen hopes its new FxStudio special effects suite will kick-start interest in an overlooked area of games technology, discovers Jon Jordanâ?¦

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XSI's position in the market place means that it has to work hard to differentiate itself from the competition - which is exactly what ICE, its new visual interface for artists, is about...

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KEY RELEASE: Unity v2.1

Originally a browser-based game engine, the Unity 3D engine is now branching out to cover PC, MMOs, Wii and iPhone. Develop catches up with Unity's CEO to see what's on the horizonâ?¦

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