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E3 2010: Nintendo ‘set things in motion’ for Kinect

Microsoft’s new game controller Kinect could steal the show at E3 this week – and the firm couldn’t have done it without Nintendo. Microsoft’s device uses 3D cameras to remove the need for physical controllers. The name, previously Project Natal, was unveiled this evening by leaked online ads and reports …

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E3 2010: USA Today confirms Kinect name

Microsoft’s Project Natal seems to be definitely called Kinect. That’s according to a new report in USA Today’s Game Hunters column – the latest edition of which has moments ago gone live, confirming the leaked out name for the device plus a raft of games. Kinect as it is now …

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E3 2010: Xbox ‘Kinect’ leaked by ad

An Italian only ad has outed the new slim-line Xbox 360 and given away the final name of motion-sensor controller Natal. That’s what bloggers are saying tonight – just hours before Microsoft is poised to begin a 24 hour no-expenses-spared hoopla to promote its new devices and kick-off E3. A …

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