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Developer CV hints that Knack 2 is in the works

It appears that a sequel to PlayStation 4 launch title Knack is in development. That’s according to a – now deleted entry – on the LinkedIn page of an employee of Taiwanese development company, XPEC Entertainment. Thanks to NeoGAF for spotting this. The developer’s LinkedIn said that they have been …

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Sony opens PS4 digital game pre-orders on PSN

Sony has opened up digital pre-orders for a pair of PS4 launch titles on PSN and the Sony Entertainment Network online store. PlayStation’s Twitter account announces PS3 owners now have the ability to reserve PS4 digital downloads of Crytek’s free-to-play shooter Warframe and SCE Japan’s action game Knack. Knack is …

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The Mark of greatness: Profiling Mark Cerny, the man who made the PS4

He built arcade classic Marble Madness. He produced Sonic 2. He brought Crash and Spyro to market. Oh, and his PS4 design reignited passions for Sony. MCV meets Mark Cerny These days Mark Cerny doesn’t get booed. Whether he is unveiling Sony’s next-gen console in New York, or recounting his …

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SONY: Killzone, Driveclub and Knack confirmed as launch titles

Three titles have been confirmed for PlayStation 4’s launch line-up. Sony announced during its E3 press conference that Killzone: Shadow Fall, DriveClub and Knack will all be available on day one for the firm’s next generation console. All three were among the main first-party titles unveiled alongside the new device …

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