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KeSPA loses their status as a recognised sporting organisation in South Korea

The Korean e-Sports Association, better known as KeSPA has reportedly failed to meet new standards put in place by the Korean Sport & Olympic committee, which has cost them their status as a recognised sporting organisation. This comes from a report from This Is Game, translated by Slingshot Esports. The Korean …

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South Korea considering law to criminalise boosting

A member of the South Korean parliament has put forwards an initiative aimed at criminalising account boosting in video games.  Representative Lee Dong-sub has tabled the initiative, which could see account boosting punished with a hefty fine of up to 20 million Won ($18,000), or some time in jail.  A …

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Former StarCraft pro Flash says salaries capped at $60,000

Former StarCraft II player Lee “Flash” Young-ho has claimed that salaries for players in Korea were capped at 70 million won, which is roughly $60,000.  The revelation came during a livestream on Afreeca TV, which was then translated by Yahoo eSports. In the video Flash claims that teams and organisation …

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Neeb becomes the first foreigner to win a StarCraft II event in Korea

The one rule of StarCraft II is that the Koreans always win, but now that rule has been broken as Alex "Neeb" Sunderhaft has won the 2016 KeSPA Cup. Neeb’s 4-0 victory over Cho "Trap" Sung Ho in the grand final makes him the first StarCraft II player to ever …

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Overwatch more popular than League of Legends in Korean PC Bangs

Overwatch has, by some metrics, overtaken League of Legends in terms of popularity in Korean PC bangs. A post that appeared on the Overwatch subReddit showed that last week Overwatch had a 0.4% lead over League of Legends, in terms of play time in PC bangs operated by GettoGold. GettoGold …

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