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Tories triumph in parliamentary F1 2013 race-off

The right may be the path of the dark side, but it also appears to be adept at fast driving. That’s one conclusion that can be drawn from a recent parliamentary race-off held at the Houses of Parliament that saw MPs compete to set a fastest lap time at Monza …

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Apple finally takes action on underage labour

Apple has stuck to its word and begun to cut ties with Chinese suppliers who are found to employ underage workers. Apple last year joined forces with the Fair Labor Association (FLA) after a report from the organisation found evidence of the practise at some of Apple’s suppliers. Now the …

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Nintendo says Foxconn violated its CSR guidelines

Underage child workers likely were involved in the production of the Wii U, Nintendo has confessed. The findings come as a result of Nintendo’s own investigation into Foxconn practices that it instigated after claims of child labour emerged last week. Nintendo was concerned to learn that underage individuals had been …

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Foxconn admits to child labour infringements

Chinese technology manufacturer Foxconn has admitted hiring children as young as 14 to work in its factories. Reuters reports that Foxconn has admitted to the discovery some interns” at its Yantai plant who were aged between 14-16. Said the company: "This is not only a violation of China’s labor law, …

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ELSPA urges Tories to back tax breaks

The games industry is growing impatient with the Conservative party. Despite earlier promises to release a ‘mini-manifesto’ for the games industry, as exclusively detailed by Develop, the party has so far failed to explicitly express support for games industry tax breaks – and now ELSPA is urging it to do …

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