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JAPAN: Nintendo ups R4 battle

In the biggest offensive ever mounted against the piracy-enabling R4 Flash card device, Nintendo and Capcom have joined forces with 53 other unspecified games publishers to file a lawsuit against four retailers who currently sell the device. Gamasutra reports that the joint action follows moves earlier this year under the …

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PEGI legal ruling is still on track

ELSPA has reassured the trade that the PEGI ratings system’s ascent to become law is still on track – despite the discovery that current age classification is legally unenforceable. A recent review of the 25 year-old Video Recordings Act discovered that the selling of adult videos and games to minors …

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EA labels Activision huge and ugly monster

EA has likened rival publisher Activision to a particularly huge and ugly monster” over the Brutal Legend publishing row. Speaking at Electronic Art’s press event at Gamescom, the company’s VP of European publishing – Jens Uwe Intat – spoke of Activision’s long-winded legal wrangle with Tim Schafer and Double Fine …

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UK retail exposed in illegal game sales

An undercover investigation by a Trading Standards authority has exposed a number of retailers for selling mature games to a 14 year-old volunteer. The operation, which took place last week, saw the volunteer attempt to purchase 18-rated video games across 16 separate retail outlets. According to Dundee Council, twelve of …

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Gibson fails in Guitar Hero lawsuit

Famed guitar maker Gibson has seen its lawsuit against Guitar Hero publisher Activision Blizzard thrown out of court after it ruled that Neversoft’s game does not infringe any existing patents. Edge reports that Gibson had claimed its US Patent 5,990,405 for a system and method for generating and controlling a …

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