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GTA DS will have a long and successful shelf-life

The CEO of Take-Two Ben Feder says you should forget everything you know about how DS games sell.0 That’s because adult-focused games like GTA: Chinatown Wars prove there is a market for grown-up games on Nintendo platforms – and that Rockstar’s most recent release will be an evergreen seller like …

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Microsoft: We won E3

It’s not the twinning but the taking part that counts, right? Nope. How you win or lose something like E3 is hard to fathom, but the reaction to Microsoft’s conference was certainly positive – so much so that the Xbox 360 platform holder seems happy to declare victory. I think …

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Peter Mandelson arrives in Second Life

The UK Labour party has become the latest governmental institution to turn to online social world Second Life in effort to spread its word to a brand new audience – and a 3D representation of Business Secretary Peter Mandelson has been chosen to front the venture. For the complete story, …

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Second Life sex leads to divorce

28-year-old British woman Amy Taylor has filed to divorce her huband after discovering that he had been sleeping with another woman… on a computer via the virtual world ‘game’ Second Life. Taylor and her husband originally met in an online chatroom in 2003. Head over to CasualGaming.biz to read the …

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Samsung: Blu-Ray has five years left

Despite its belief that the next few years will bring massive profit to those who’ve invested in Sony’s high-def disc format Blu-Ray, Korean electronics firm Samsung has stated that it thinks Blu-Ray will be dead by 2013. Speaking to Pocket-Lint, Samsung UK’s director of consumer electronics Andy Griffiths stated: I …

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New PSP does NOT have shorter battery life

SCEA’s hardware marketing director John Koller has released a statement correcting claims he made earlier in the week regarding that battery life of the firm’s upcoming PSP 3000. On Monday he stated that the machine’s brighter screen would reduce its operating time by up to 30 minutes – however, a …

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