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Nintendo says Fire Emblem: Fates changes cater to local tastes

The omission of a controversial plotline from 3DS title Fire Emblem: Fates was purely driven to standard localisation practices, Nintendo has said. It was revealed yesterday that a plot involving a lesbian character who has her drink spiked to trick her into falling in love with a male companion would …

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Testronic backs Develop 100

Testronic Labs has signed on as the headline sponsor of this year’s Develop 100. First published in 2005, The Develop 100 celebrates its tenth anniversary this year and returns to print for the first time since 2011, included with the upcoming December/January issue of Develop magazine. This year, we will …

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Quality time: Beating the industry’s broken games

The controversy surrounding games unfit for release continues to rage, as some of 2015’s biggest hitters repeat the woes of last year’s buggy and broken titles. MCV asks QA and localisation experts at Universally Speaking, Testology, La Marque Rose, Testronic and Keywords about what needs to be done The new …

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