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Disney acquires LucasFilm for $4bn; Star Wars VII confirmed for 2015

Can you feel that great disturbance in the Force? Disney has swooped to acquire LucasFilm in a $4.05bn move. Furthermore, Disney has confirmed the planned launch of new movie sequel Star Wars VII in 2015 with more feature films expected to continue the Star Wars saga and grow the franchise …

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The Force is strong with Angry Birds: Star Wars

Two massive IPs look set to unite for a brand new Angry Birds outing. USA Today reports that Angry Birds: Star Wars will be released on November 8th for iOS, Android ‘computers’. The game’s familiar cast will adopt the likenesses and personalities of the biggest characters from the Star Wars …

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Star Wars: First Assault releasing on XBLA, still unannounced

Star Wars: First Assault appears to be heading to XBLA despite the fact that it hasn’t been announced yet. IGN first spotted a leaked image of the game’s box art with an XBLA header and reached out to Lucasarts. "It is an exciting time at our company right now, however …

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Star Wars: First Assault trademark filed

Another Star Wars game appears to be in the works, though not much concrete info to pass along beyond that. Fusible reports Lucasfim has filed trademark applications as well as obtained domains for ‘Star Wars: First Assault.’ ‘Interactive video games’ are among the multimedia application categories for the filing, though …

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LucasArts boss steps down

Paul Meegan has quit his post as head of LucasArts. The George Lucas-owned studio has undergone a number of restructures and management changes – but Meegan it was hoped would push it forwards after one of many rounds of layoffs. He lead the studio to announcing Star Wars 1313, a …

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