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Ubisoft ‘stole the show’ at E3 this year – SuperData

Sony may have had a great showing at this year’s E3, but for SuperData’s Joost van Dreunen, it was Ubisoft who "stole the show." Ubisoft had "a top-notch release slate that combines corporate and creative courage," van Dreunen told MCV. He also praised Ubisoft partnering with Nintendo for its Switch …

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Rabbid fanbase – how Nintendo and Ubisoft’s Mario partnership gives Switch a tactical edge

We knew it was coming, but somehow Ubisoft still managed to surprise us. No, we’re not talking about Beyond Good and Evil 2 (although let’s just pause for a moment and luxuriate in that tremendous trailer again); we’re talking about Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle.  We’ll admit, even our resident Nintendo evangelist …

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Mario+Rabbids: Battle Kingdom lands on Switch August 29th

After an unexpected leak last month, Mario+Rabbids: Battle Kingdom has been officially announced at Ubisoft’s E3 press conference, with none other than Miyamoto himself coming out on stage to introduce it. Rather than making another ‘jump game’, Miyamoto challenged Ubisoft to create a Mario game that’s "never been made before" …

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