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Marvelous delays Vita release Uppers due to low pre-orders

Japanese developer Marvelous has postponed the release of an upcoming Vita game because it is concerned there is not enough interest to make it financially viable. Siliconera reports that Uppers was due for release on April 21st, but producer Kenichiro Takaki has confirmed that pre-orders were so low the company …

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Inafune’s Kaio: King of Pirates cancelled

Following a seemingly endless string of delays, Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune’s upcoming 3DS title Kaio: King of Pirates has been cancelled. Siliconera reports on publisher Marvelous’s press release, which states the company lost 461 million – or around $3.8m – on the project gone sour. Kaio was announced back …

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Rune Factory 4’s European 3DS release is scrapped

MarvelousAQL has cancelled the planned European release of Rune Factory 4 in Europe. The 3DS game is already available in America and Japan but it is though that the bankruptcy and closure of the game’s developer Neverland in November 2013 is behind the decision. "We regret to inform you that …

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PlayStation’s Kutaragi heads to Grasshopper owner Marvelous

Former Sony chairman and the man widely described as the ‘father of the PlayStation’, Ken Kutaragi, has been named as an external director at Japanese game publisher Marvelous. A report onNikkei(translated bySGCafe) claims that Kutaragi will be bringing his years of experience to help speed up developments in the company’s …

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XSEED rebranded as Marvelous USA, acquires Atlas Online

XSEED, the US subsidiary of Japanese publisher Marvelous AQL, has rebranded as Marvelous USA. Founded in 2004 by a group of Square Enix vets and acquired by Marvelous in 2008, the new label will incorporate both the XSEED brand of PC, handheld, and console games as well as the Marvelous …

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Marvelous start as Japanese firm re-releases Half-Minute Hero on PC

Marvelous AQL has announced the upcoming PC release of Half-Minute Hero – and the game will mark the first digital game from its new European team. The Japanese publisher is a serious player in the digital games space in Japan, but is now hoping to build a similar business in …

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