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ToeJam & Earl comeback confirmed

Sega’s popular retro franchise ToeJam & Earl is making a comeback. Rumours of a re-release first circulated in July, but now Sega has officially confirmed an Xbox Live and PSN release for the Mega Drive title on November 7th. The game will cost 3.69. Also releasing on the same day …

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Play SNES and Mega Drive carts on your PC

Questionable legality aside, a new accessory is on the horizon that will allow gamers to play their old SNES and Mega Drive cartridges on their PC. Called the Retrode 2, the USB device plugs into a PC and allows users to then plug both their cartridges and old controllers into …

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Online play for Street Fighter II on Virtual Console

The Virtual Console version of Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers will offer online multiplayer over Nintendo’s network. It’s a surprise addition to the game, but certainly a welcome one – particularly when you consider how unwilling many publishers have been to rework any of the elements in their …

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PSN gets Mega Drive classics

A collection of Mega Drive games on PS3 will be free to download for PSN+ subscribers. The first digital title – Sonic the Hedgehog – hit the PlayStation Store yesterday and five others will arrive over the next few months. These include Sonic 2, Streets of Rage 2, Altered Beast …

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