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Microsoft to introduce Xbox Live-compatible currency cards in India

Microsoft is set to introduce prepaid currency cards in India, which will be usable across Xbox Live, Windows 8 and Windows Phone. With Microsoft Points being retired, users are now able to pay for digital purchases via local currency. Once the card is redeemed, the money will be added to …

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Microsoft Points RIP – Xbox Live update kills off digital currency

As of today all purchases made on Xbox Live will be conducted in real currencies. An update rolled out over Xbox Live has killed off Microsoft’s Points digital currency, replacing all fees with proper sterling amounts for gamers in the UK. Any existing account balances will also be translated from …

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Local currency to replace MS Points in next Xbox 360 system update

The next Xbox 360 system update will dump Xbox Live’s MS Points system for local currency, Microsoft has announced. Microsoft chief product officer Marc Whitten revealed the impending transition in a post on Xbox Wire. "After the next Xbox 360 system update when you go to buy something or redeem …

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New Xbox Live Rewards scheme will be detailed this September

Microsoft is revamping its Xbox Live Rewards scheme to prepare for the conversion from Microsoft Points to real money. Heading to rewards.Xbox.com delivers an announcement warning users that the current scheme – whereby Xbox 360 owners earn MSP for completing certain actions such as renewing their Gold subscription – will …

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Xbox Live price hike an "unintended error", beta testers to be reimbursed

Microsoft has promised that the elevated prices revealed by the new Xbox Live update are incorrect and will be adjusted when the marketplace drops points for real currency. We reported yesterday that users of the current beta, which converts leftover Microsoft Points to local money and alters marketplace prices, found …

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New Xbox Live update drops points, hikes up prices – report

Xbox 360 owners that are currently beta testing the next dashboard update have reported that download games will be more expensive when the console abandons Microsoft Points. Microsoft announced it would be converting the Xbox 360’s currency system to real money last month, and is currently testing out the new …

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