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The Rock is starring in a Rampage film

Midway’s 1986 arcade hit Rampage is the latest video game license to be given the Hollywood treatment. Deadline reports that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson will begin filming for the live-action film next summer after completing duties on Fast & Furious. Rampage is being made by New Line, with Beau Flynn …

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Former Midway PR boss heads up Rising Star US

Phil Robinson has joined Rising Star Games to take charge of its US arm. He takes on the role of vice president at the newly-formed Rising Star Games Inc, leaving his most recent position as head of comms at Tradewest Games. MCV revealed that the UK publisher was opening a …

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$50m game ditched?

Midway and Warner Bros have apparently wasted a whopping $50 million on a game that has now been canned. According to CVG, development on This Is Vegas has now been cancelled. The game was in development for three years, originally under Midway Games. The news emerges a full year after …

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Midway liquidation gets final approval

A US bankruptcy court has given the final go ahead to the liquidation of cult games publisher Midway. The deal paves the way for the partial reimbursement of creditors and the sale of a number of key assets, including two development studios and the Mortal Kombat franchise, to rival publisher …

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Capcoms Mark Beaumont passes away

Mark Beaumont, Capcom’s COO of North America and Europe, has tragically passed away. The popular industry figure suffered a heart attack in the early hours of February 23rd. He was promoted to the role of COO at Capcom in April 2008 having served as both senior vice president and executive …

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EA to grab NBA Jam licence?

American sports broadcaster ESPN is reporting that EA is preparing to announce its capture of cherished retro games franchise NBA Jam. Midway’s NBA Jam was both an arcade and 16bit hit in the early ‘90s, shunning the simulation approach of rival titles in favour of an arcadey two-on-two approach. Special …

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