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Brits spend £195m on MMOs

UK players of massively multiplayer online games spent 195m on them last year, a report has found. The Today’s Gamers MMO Focus Report also revealed that there are over four million MMO players in Britain, and that UK gamers spent more than any other European country on the genre last …

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Brits spend £200m on MMOs

British gamers spent 195m on MMO games last year, ahead of Germany and France, with 165m and 145m respectively, according to a new report. It also reveals that Brits spend an average 10.50 each month on Massively Multiplayer Online games such as World of Warcraft and EVE Online. For the …

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Star Trek Online beams down in February

Atari has announced Star Trek Online will released for PC on February 5th in Europe. The new Cryptic-developer MMORPG is set in the famous sci-fi universe and will debut three days after it lands in the US. The game puts every players into the role of a Federation or Klingon …

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Aion pre-orders near 400,000

NCsoft has announced its upcoming MMO, Aion: The Tower Of Eternity, has generated almost 400,000 pre-orders. The game, which introduces aerial combat to the usual MMORPG fare, is due for release on September 22nd in the US and on September 25th in the UK. Anyone who has pre-ordered the game …

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E3 08: KOTOR MMO confirmed

E3 may be over but the big-hitting announcements just keep creeping out – this time it’s the turn of EA chief executive John Riccitiello who has confirmed that the EA-owned BioWare is working on an MMO version of its hugely popular Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Speaking to …

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NCsoft says console MMOs are inevitable

In an interview with GameDaily , the president of NCsoft North America Chris Chung has said that it is inevitable that the MMO genre will eventually shift its focus from PC to consoles – and that the shift will be a technically challenging one. "We have to really optimize for …

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