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Open IV is back online as Rockstar backs GTA V singleplayer modding

Take-Two has softened its stance opposing Grand Theft Auto V modding tool Open IV. In a move that looks very much as if it was spurred by the intervention of Rockstar, Open IV is now back online. Furthermore, the developer has openly backed creative tools designed strictly for offline use. …

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Take-Two takes action against more GTA V hack tools

The world of Grand Theft Auto Online has been made considerably cleaner as publisher Take-Two continues its crusade to clamp down on modding tools. Hot on the heels of its cease and desist to the makers of the popular Open IV modding tool, the publisher has now forced the takedown …

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Take-Two wants to help creators impacted by Open IV mod fallout

Rockstar owner Take-Two has said that its action against Grand Theft Auto IV mod software Open IV was designed only to protect GTA Online. Having effectively confirmed that the allegation that it sought a cease and desist against the mod makers is true, it has also vowed to help those …

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Grand Theft Auto V modding tool shuts down

The community around PC Grand Theft Auto V modding tool Open IV is up in arms following its removal as a result of a cease and desist. The developers have pulled the software, claiming that Take-Two had threatened legal action. Open IV can no longer be downloaded and owners who …

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ARK: Modding Evolved

As Studio Wildcard announces a new scheme to help compensate its modding community financially, Sean Cleaver got to speak to the team and find out more about their modding ambitions

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ModDB saves fellow mod sharing site GameFront

‘While epic total conversions that push boundaries like Counter-Strike and DotA once did are not as common, mods like these remain as important as ever in making new and old games great’

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