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Dark Void joins the 2010 club

For year’s retailers have been begging publishers to stop flooding the market at Q4 and instead spread their releases across the whole year – but at this rate, retail is going to be scratching its head wondering where the big Christmas releases are coming from.

 Capcom has become the latest …

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Zelda and Modern Warfare 2 trailers go live

Though traditionally GDC has not been a platform from which big-hitting titles are announced, Nintendo bucked the trend yesterday with its announcement of new DS title The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. The name immediately suggested a title either based on music that’s good to drink to or paranormal trains. …

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10m Live users shoot up COD4

Infinity Ward has unveiled a series of impressive Call of Duty 4 statistics, revealing that over ten million Xbox Live users have played the game since the title’s launch in 2007. The data, which was posted on the Infinity Ward blog IAMfourzerotwo, included a detailed break down on how many …

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Call of Duty 6 to be a sci-fi shooter?

Some gamers were surprised to learn recently that this year’s Call of War title (dubbed World at War) will be heading back to WWII – but internet rumours are suggesting an even more radical departure for the next title. A piece on TalkPlaystation.com (which has since been removed – read …

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