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Video game toy sales slump as Moshi Monsters falters

Sales of toys based on video games fell 14 per cent in 2014, NPD has told MCV. The decline is almost entirely down to a drop in popularity of Moshi Monsters products. NPD tells MCV that if Moshi Monsters was discounted from all of its numbers (now and historically), then …

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Mind Candy reveals a new game, and it’s not Moshi Monsters

UK casual games giant Mind Candy is working on a new game that isn’t based on its smash hit Moshi Monsters IP. The game is called World of Warriors and is due for release on iOS and Android this year. There’s a teaser trailer below and it’s being worked on …

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New Mind Candy mag aims to promote coding for young girls

It’s becoming a thankfully common trend for developers to target kids at a young age in order to teach them more about coding, but rarely is it focused specifically on girls. And yet that’s exactly the target audience for Mind Candy’s Poppet magazine, a new publication dedicated to teaching young …

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