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Majesco plans reverse stock split to dodge delisting

Cooking Mama and Zumba publisher Majesco is readying to appeal a Nasdaq stock delisting expected next week, as the firm is currently trading under the $1/share minimum. Majesco Chief Financial Officer Michael Vesey told Joystiq the company will seek a reverse stock split between 1-for-3 and 1-for-10 with shareholders in …

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EA suffers NASDAQ-100 index delisting

NASDAQ has as part of its annual NASDAQ-100 Index re-ranking dropped EA from its list. Also booted are streaming video provider Netflix and Blackberry creators RIM. Facebook and Western Digital are amongst those promoted to the index. As of June 2012 EA had suffered a 40 per cent share value …

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THQ successfully avoids NASDAQ delisting

Resurgent publisher THQ has successfully fended off the threat of being delisted from the American NASDAQ stock exchange. The publisher was first warned in January that its place on the stock list was under threat following its failure to trade above $1 – the minimum price required by NASDAQ – …

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THQ fends off NASDAQ delisting through reverse stock split

With its position on US tech exchange NASDAQ under threat, THQ has confirmed that it is to instigate a reverse stock split. The process means that every ten shares in the publisher will be converted into a single share, effectively raising the value of said shares. The move will reduce …

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THQ aims to avoid NASDAQ delisting with reverse stock split

THQ is going to great lengths in effort to keep its Nasdaq listing. The publisher has revealed through its investor site that it has filed plans with the SEC for a June 29th stockholders meeting, where it will propose a reverse stock split to avoid delisting from Nasdaq. THQ describes …

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