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Microsoft backtracks on New Xbox statement

The stupid thing is we know it’s a lie. But in the modern world of tightly controlled corporate communication strategies, this is what we have to work with. Microsoft has tried to claim that references to the New Xbox made by general manager Brian Hall were not in fact about …

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Microsoft utters three long-awaited words: The New Xbox

The New Xbox. Three tiny words that have been used a million times on the internet over the last two years. But never before by a Microsoft executive. But those were exactly the words used by Microsoft general manager Brian Hall in a Windows 8 focused video interview with The …

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First talk of Xbox 3 emerges

With all three main home consoles having just enjoyed their first clear Christmas on the market together, the first rumours of what could be planned for the next next-generation of consoles have seemingly begun. US games mag EGM claims that a secret first party Microsoft game was recently scrapped for …

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