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Only triple-A NGP games will appear on High Street

Sony’s pursuit of high-end handheld gaming content will keep retail in the mix – but not every game made for NGP will make it to the High Street. SCEE President Andrew House told MCV that the blockbuster NGP games, such as Uncharted and Call of Duty, will be released on …

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Sony tempers NGP power claims

Platform holder Sony has seemingly back-tracked on claims that its NGP handheld is as powerful as the PS3. That was the line being fed to publishing and development partners earlier in the year before the machine’s official unveiling. However, Kotaku reports that speaking at GDC SCEA platform research manager has …

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Ngmoco: NGP is dead on arrival

Sony’s upcoming PSP successor the Next Generation Portable will be unable to compete with Apple’s iPhone and its digital distribution portal the App Store, a leading casual games exec has warned. His thoughts echo those muttered by analyst Michael Pachter last year. I think they are hurt; I think they’re …

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