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Nintendo puts a large focus on eSports in Switch reveal

Yesterday Nintendo showed off the Switch for the first time, and had a large portion of the reveal video focus on eSports. The three minute video was split into sub sections showing the different uses of the console, with the final section being focused on eSports. The clip sees two …

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Nintendo announces loads of partners for the Switch but no games

After the reveal of the Switch yesterday Nintendo showed off a massive list of development partners including some big third parties. The full list consists of 48 different partners, including the likes of Activision, Ubisoft and EA. Bethesda is also on the list, but don’t want to confirm that Skyrim …

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Skyrim may not make it to the Nintendo Switch after all

Despite being featured in the reveal for Nintendo’s Switch, Skyrim may not be coming to the new console. Yesterday Nintendo decided to give us the first look at its new Switch console with a three minute video that showed off all of its fancy new features. One of the sections …

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Nintendo Switch: The Known Knowns, Known Unknowns and Unknown Unknowns

There is nothing in this industry that stimulates as many opinionated hot takes as Nintendo. Covering Nintendo always feels a bit different to covering other companies. Of course, all brands – be they PlayStation, Xbox, Apple or Ouya… OK, maybe not ALL brands – have their advocates. It’s impossible to …

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