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Notch to pocket $1.4bn of potential $2bn Microsoft Mojang buyout

Those questioning Markus Persson’s reported decision to sell his studio Mojang to Microsoft need to take a realistic look at the numbers. It was reported earlier this week that Microsoft is in talks to acquire the Minecraft developer for $2bn. It was later claimed that Persson himself had instigated discussions, …

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Notch at loggerheads with Minecraft users (and press) over EULA

The monetization rules that govern Minecraft servers have led to a public spat between the game’s creator and his community. It’s also led to some public bickering with the press. Mojang recently confirmed its intention to enforce details in its end user licence agreement (EULA) for Minecraft that while permitting …

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Minecraft creator debuts new game Cliffhorse

Notch’s first commercial release since Minecraft is… a title where gamers play as a horse. On some hills. Cliffhorse is currently available for free as an ‘early access’ release, though those who feel like contributing to the title’s development can do so by donating Dogecoins. The title is only available …

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Notch to disband Mojang after 10 years if no longer profitable

Mojang will shut its doors a decade after its formation if the developer isn’t turning a profit, company founder Markus ‘Notch’ Persson has revealed. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Persson divulged his long-term vision for the studio formed to oversee the development of his indie game turned empire Minecraft; …

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Bleszinski: Cancelling Minecraft on Oculus makes Notch look like a pouty kid

Famed developer Cliff Bleszinski has criticised Markus Persson for his decision to pull the plug on the Oculus Rift version of Minecraft. Persson announced the cancellation of the project just moments after news of the Facebook acquisition of Oculus was announced, saying: I just cancelled that deal. Facebook creeps me …

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Minecraft PC surpasses 14m units sold

Minecraft has reached new sales heights again this week, thanks to another milestone for the original version on Windows and Mac. Creator Markus Persson, better known as Notch, announced on Twitter that the unstoppable indie title had reached 14m sold on PC. The game has now sold (conservatively) more than …

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