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Oculus VR adds PopCap producer Bernard Yee

Oculus VR has hired former Plants vs Zombies 2 senior producer Bernard Yee, adding yet another industry veteran to its ranks. Speaking with GamesBeat, Yee discussed his experience with a VR demo visiting Valve earlier this year that prompted his interest in the budding tech. "I was really blown away …

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Oculus Rift dev kit 2 starts shipping this month

The latest Oculus Rift development kit will start to ship to pre-order customers this month, Oculus VR has announced. In a post on the product’s official forums, Oculus VR’s Andres Hernandez confirmed that the first wave of Oculus Rift DK2 units are expected to arrive on July 14th. The company …

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Oculus: Zenimax suit a transparent attempt to take advantage of Facebook deal

Oculus VR has issued a legal statement denying Zenimax Media’s recent claims that former employee John Carmack developed key VR technology for Oculus prior to his resignation from id Software. Further, the statement asserts that Zenimax’s suit is nothing more than an obvious smoke and mirrors attempt to profit from …

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Oculus buys Xbox 360 controller designers Carbon

Oculus VR has swooped up Carbon Design Group in its latest talent grab, purchasing the Xbox 360 controller creators for an unknown amount and under undisclosed terms. Oculus announced in a post on the company’s official blog that the deal is expected to close this summer, adding that the VR …

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Oculus picks up Supergiant senior programmer Chris Jurney

Oculus VR has scooped up another industry veteran, as Supergiant’s senior programmer Chris Jurney has announced his hiring at the Facebook-owned VR company. "I’m joining [Oculus] at the end of the month to help make VR awesome," the former Double Fine lead programmer said on Twitter. Jurney, one of the …

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