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$199 Oculus Go a step in the right direction, say analysts, but price alone won’t drive adoption

This week, Facebook confirmed that the Oculus Go, a new, standalone VR headset, was on its way in early 2018. Priced at $199, the social giant said its low price should make VR more accessible than ever before. However, while analysts MCV spoke to were generally in agreement that Oculus Go …

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Oculus Rift price cut to £399 for good

In addition to announcing a brand-new standalone VR headset in the form of the Oculus Go, Oculus also announced yet another permanent price cut for its regular Rift headset.  After its successful Summer of Rift program, where it dropped the price temporarily to £399 for six weeks, the Rift will now stay at …

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Standalone Oculus Go VR headset launches next year for $199

Oculus has announced a brand-new standalone VR headset for release in early 2018. Unveiled yesterday at its OC4 conference, the Oculus Go will cost $199 and doesn’t require any cables or a smartphone to provide the display.  Made of fabric that’s both soft and breathable, Oculus says the headset will …

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