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EA admits ‘Worst Company in America’ gong hurt

Being labelled as the Worst Company in America two years on the trot caused EA to alter the way it operated. Although Peter Moore’s public tte–tte with The Consumerist in April was probably ill advised, head of console and PC games development Patrick Soderlund told Kotaku that it has led …

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Single-player ACIV: Black Flag features locked behind Online Pass

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag locks away one of its single player features to those who have not registered an Online Pass. Ubisoft is one of the last remaining publishers to stick with the Online Pass system. ACIV sticks with the tried and tested method of requiring a code before …

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Codemasters drops online passes for F1 2013

Upcoming racer F1 2013 will not require users to input online passes, MCV can reveal. Codemasters first introduced online passes into its games in 2011. It’s not yet known whether this is the end to online passes in all Codemasters titles, although with all and sundry now distancing themselves from …

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EA Sports: Online pass was impeding our games

EA Sports boss Andrew Wilson says that the firm ditched online pass because it damaged the games. Speaking to MCV at E3 last week, the label VP said that forcing gamers to put codes in to access content had become too big an impact for fans. And he denied that …

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Online Passes still possible on PS4

The PS4 will share the PS3’s ability for publishers to lock certain content behind a paywall. This opens up the possibility for the continuation of online passes but will not lead to Xbox One style content blocking. "The Online Pass program for PlayStation first-party games will not continue on PlayStation …

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EA scrapping Online Pass from existing titles

Publisher EA has removed all Online Passes from existing games. Eurogamer reports that titles that had previously required the purchase or activation of an Online Pass to access either additional content or online multiplayer are now free of such restrictions. Titles that until now prompted users to enter a code …

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