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PCGamesN: ‘We want to be No.1 in PC games’

What a difference five years makes. When PCGamesN first launched in June 2012, traffic figures were “just dreadful,” creative director Tim Edwards (pictured right, with editorial director Joel Gregory) tells MCV.  “It was really hard, like, just, incredibly hard,” he says. “We had a pretty good E3, but then the …

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Switch prompts online traffic boost for US retailers

The launch of the Nintendo Switch earlier this month saw all major US retailers enjoy a boost to their online traffic. VentureBeat reports that data from analyst SimilarWeb shows that both GameStop and Toys R Us saw monthly traffic peaks on the day Switch launched – March 3rd. Traffic from …

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Switch returns to Friend Code system, but alternatives are coming

There was a collective groan from the internet yesterday when the Switch’s day one update brought with it one unpopular bit of Nintendo functionality. Whereas on the likes of PSN and Xbox Live, users are able to search for and befriend people by their username, Nintendo has typically favoured a …

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Final Fantasy XIV’s Neverending Story: Three years on from A Realm Reborn’s release

Three years ago, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn achieved two impossible feats: it reversed the critical failings of its 2010 predecessor and proved that the MMO genre is alive and kicking. Producer and director Naoki Yoshida retraces the title’s evolution to discover how the studio perfected things second time around

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Online play icon was removed from No Man’s Sky retail packaging

The discovery of a change to the UK packaging for No Man’s Sky has fuelled the heated conversation about the game’s online functions. Pictures have appeared online of a sticker placed on the rear of the game’s box. It pictures a PEGI 7 logo and violence warning. Removing it reveals …

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No PlayStation Plus required for No Man’s Sky online features

PS4 owners will not be required to subscribe to PlayStation Plus if they wish to advantage of No Man’s Sky galaxy-spanning online features. While No Man’s Sky is pretty much a single player experience as you roam around the almost impossibly vast game world, the title does boast a number …

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