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OPINION: OP Talent on how to create a successful influencer campaign

Set up five years ago, OP Talent was the first dedicated management company for top YouTube gaming influencers. We manage a large proportion of the UK’s top YouTubers and have been at the forefront of online brand marketing. Our talents are responsible for billions of video views and have millions …

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OPINION: Hype Management on why subscriber levels don’t always indicate a YouTuber’s success

At a launch event during my tenure on the Activision PR team, an eager young content creator walked up to me, grabbed my hand and introduced himself by his YouTube channel name and the number of subscribers he had. Amused at this rather unusual way of an introduction, I asked …

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Opinion: For Local People

Local multiplayer is coming back, and it’s bringing friends. Jem Alexander contemplates how his social gaming habits are changing and whether it could be an industry-wide trend for the better

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