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Kellee Santiago leaves Ouya, joins Google Play Games

Kellee Santiago will step down as Ouya’s head of developer relations to join the Google Play Games team. Santiago confirmed the move onTwitter, stating that she’ll join Google’s studio in Mountain View, California. Her departure from Ouya followsRazer’s purchase of the microconsole makeralong with founder Julie Uhrman’s own exit. Santiago …

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Razer pledges to make good on the $600k Ouya owed indie devs

Indie developers who were part of Ouya’s Free the Games program will not be left out of pocket following the company’s acquisition by Razor. That’s according to CEO Min Liang-Tan, who has told Polygon that resolving the issue was made a priority at the company the moment it was unearthed. …

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Indie developers concerned Ouya buyout will cost them thousands

Many developers who signed up to Ouya’s ‘Free the Games’ funding program fear that the companies buyout at the hands of Razer will result in owed money going unpaid. ‘Free the Games’ was announced back in July 2013. It promised to match the crowfunded totals raised by titles that pledged …

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Razor confirms Ouya buyout details; Users to be moved to Forge TV

Ouya’s software and user base will be merged into Razor’s Forge TV project. That’s following Razor’s move yesterday to acquire Ouya’s software assets, as well as the company’s branding – which it intends to use to publish Android TV and TV console games as part of separate venture. Ouya’s marketplace, …

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Razer completes Ouya buyout, Uhrman departs

Ouya founder Julie Uhrman has announced both the company’s acquisition at the hands of Razer and her departure. Uhrman has over the last hour tweeted a string of thanks to dozens of people and companies who she has worked with over the last few years. Among those tweets is one …

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