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Nintendo patents may reveal new Switch features

A series of patents filed by Nintendo may offer up a look at some unannounced features for the Switch. Over the last few months Nintendo has filed a number of patents that seem to relate to the recently announced Switch console. The drawings in the patents seem to show the …

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Nintendo re-defends Wiimote patent lawsuit

Japanese platform holder Nintendo has found itself once again accused of infringing upon the patents held by tech firm UltimatePointer. Referencing the Wii Remote, UltimatePointer claimed that Nintendo’s iconic handheld motion controller matched up with its own patented handheld pointing device that can be used to control the cursor on …

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Nintendo patent could be the NX controller

Companies file all sorts of patents, so there’s every chance that this particular device will never see the light of day. However, combined with this week’s networked computing patent, a fresh application from Nintendo could point to yet another big innovation from the platform holder for its next console the …

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Loading screen mini-games are go after patent expiry

Want to add something more interesting than artwork and trivia to your loading screens? Now you can. Previously, developers were unable to integrate mini-games into their loading screens thanks to a patent filed by Namco. The patent protected the use of auxiliary mini-games while a main game was loading, as …

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Sega might be working on new Valkyria Chronicles game

Sega has filed a trademark for what may well be a new Valkyria Chronicles game. That’s according to Japanese blog Esuteru, which reports that the Japanese Patent Office has issued a trademark for one ‘Valkyria of the Blue Revolution’. Other than the name there are no details about this title. …

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Nintendo wins lawsuit regarding handheld patent

Nintendo has emerged victorious after a company claimed that the platform holder’s handheld consoles infringed on its patent. The Quintal Research Group nailed down a patent in 2008 for a ‘computerized information retrieval system’. Such a system, the patent proposes, is described as having a generally rectangular shape, with a …

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