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Peter Molyneux’s The Trail coming to PC soon

22cans’ smartphone title The Trail will be released for PC on Steam this summer, publisher Kongregate has said. The game was released on iOS and Android late last year, and must have done reasonably well to warrant a port. The PC version has apparently undergone a complete redesign and rebuild, …

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Peter Molyneux’s The Trail appears on iOS App Store

22Cans’ mysterious The Trail, which we’ve been aware of but known little about for quite some time, has suddenly appeared on the Apple App Store. The game does not yet appear to have launched proper, with its page only showing in some regions, and the app itself not yet available …

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22Cans pulls Godus Wars microtransaction after criticism

New release Godus Wars has taken less than 24 hours to run into bother. Peter Molyneux and his studio 22Cans announced and released its second Godus title yesterday. The Early Access game costs 10.99 to download and includes the original Godus – which itself has yet to exit Early Access. …

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Molyneux: It was tempting to retire

Peter Molyneux has given his first interview to the press in nearly a year, in which he admits that he nearly abandoned game development entirely. The famed UK developer had vowed to never talk to the press again. This followed the revelation that promises made to the winner of 22Cans’ …

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22Cans launches Godus Wars on Steam Early Access

A second Godus title has been released on Steam. It’s called Godus Wars. It costs 10.99, or is free to previous Godus Kickstarter backers and owners. It’s currently a single-player only experience. To answer the question ‘what is Godus Wars?’ You have to take a step back and look back …

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Phillips: Molyneux was a broken man, but now he’s back

Peter was pretty much a broken man.” Those are the words of 22Cans CEO Simon Phillips, who has told Develop that the disastrous events surrounding Godus earlier this year took their toll on one of Britain’s most famed developers. This really kicked the shit out of him. I think he …

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