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Denuvo appears to have been cracked

PC gaming’s brief flirtation with watertight security may already be over. TorrentFreak reports that Denuvo, which had proved so successful that one of China’s biggest hacking groups called it quits altogether, now seems to have been properly cracked wide open. Until now, and despite a few rumours, FIFA 16 stood …

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Want to beat piracy? Drop DRM, CD Projekt says

The Witcher 3 has sold nearly 10m copies and launched on PC without any in-built anti-piracy measures. Which should tell you something, Marcin Iwinski argues. Kotaku reports that the co-founder of developer CD Projekt and retailer GOG told an audience at InfoShare 2016 last month that winning favour with pirates …

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Sega Saturn’s DRM cracked after 22 years

The Sega Saturn was first released in Japan in November 1994. Now, in July 2016, the console’s piracy protection has finally been cracked. Boo and hiss, you may shout, but this may well be one of those rare instances where breaking through a DRM barrier is a good thing. You …

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Hacker claims to have cracked Denuvo DRM

The current king of PC games security is looking a little less secure on its throne. Denuvo currently boasts a superb security record, with plenty of titles remaining uncracked and safe from the grip of piracy. So revolutionary has the system been that it has even forced some pirates to …

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