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Quantum Break forces eyepatch onto pirates and those not logged into Windows Store

Remedy has repeated its comedy anti-piracy measure from Alan Wake in recent PC release Quantum Break. Should the game decide that you’re a pirate, lead character Jack Joyce suddenly dons a very fetching eyepatch, complete with a skull and crossbones motif. Which isn’t that severe a punishment, but will likely …

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How TinyBuild plans to take on the pirates

TinyBuild’s new game Punch Club has garnered its fair share of headlines since it debuted in January. The title was marketed with an interesting Twitch Plays series, and went on to make $1m in sales in just ten days, shifting 100,000 copies. And last week, TinyBuild announced a new sales …

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TinyBuild: We should not ‘cripple’ games with DRM to fight piracy

TinyBuild has condemned the use of DRM to stop illegal downloading, despite its latest game being heavily pirated. Punch Club on smartphones and PC was purchased by 300,000 people, but downloaded illegally by another 1.6 million – that’s 81 per cent of the total players. But TinyBuild CEO Alex Nichiporchik …

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Punch Club has been pirated 1.6m times, sold 300k copies

Indie publisher TinyBuild has revealed that Punch Club has sold 300,000 units, as well as some alarming information about the degree to which the game has been pirated. The title has been illegally downloaded 1.6m times since it launched earlier this year. That breaks down as one million times on …

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PC piracy giant calls it quits

One of the largest Chinese piracy groups has said that it has stopped cracking single-player PC games. 3DM was in the press last month having claimed that, thanks to improvements to PC game security, it feared PC piracy may be a thing of the past within two years. Now Torrentfreak …

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