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Opinion: Social Life

Nintendo is closing down another of its social experiments, Miiverse. It’s the latest in a long history of abandoned social functions in both home console and handhelds. Jem Alexander ponders whether any social gimmicks can cross console generations and, if so, which

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PlayStation Home goes offline for good

Sony has officially shut down PlayStation Home, with the service concluding its final stretch run yesterday. As previously announced by Sony, March 31st, 2015 would be PlayStation Home’s last day online. Indeed, the PS3 service has gone dark as of just a few moments prior to publishing. The firm stopped …

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PlayStation Home ‘was a massive success that everyone thinks was a failure’

Sony’s virtual world PlayStation Home is wrongly regarded as a flop, one of its key developers has said. Despite its 38m downloads, with 19m active users and 3m monthly users at its peak, the service has already started to wind down and will be terminated at the end of March. …

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PlayStation Home vets want to make PS4 virtual world Neotopia

A Kickstarter for a PlayStation Home-style virtual world on PS4 is now underway. It’s called Neotopia and has a number of developers that have previously worked on Sony’s surprisingly profitable PS3 venture, which is scheduled for termination next year. Features include customisable avatars and apartments, public spaces, voice and text …

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PlayStation Home was a commercial success, nDreams boss says

The perception that Sony’s PlayStation Home was a commercial flop could not be further from the truth, nDreams CEO Patrick O’Luanaigh has said. People say that Home was a commercial failure but we generated seven-figure revenues for several years from Home, and other studios did as well,” he told Games …

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PlayStation Home shutting down in North America, Europe

PlayStation Home is set to close in both Europe and North America, Sony has announced. A post on the US PlayStation community site detailing the end of the social hub in North America followed an earlier confirmation from Sony (via Games Industry) regarding the closure on Europe’s side. "Due to …

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