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SONY: Ruin links Vita with PS3

Upcoming PlayStation Vita title Ruin will be the first game to offer a seamless gameplay connection between the new handheld and PS3. Described by Sony as a social action RPG”, the title is constantly connected to PSN, allowing gamers to engage with other Vita owners as they play. A cloud …

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SONY: PSVita priced and dated

Sony has announced its next generation portable, PlayStation Vita, will launch this Christmas. The launch window was confirmed by Sony’s corporate executive officer and executive VP Kaz Hirai during the platform holder’s E3 press conference. Hirai also officially announced the rumoured Vita is indeed the name for the new handheld, …

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E3 2011: Sony trademarks Vita

Sony has registered trademarks for two terms that suggest its new handheld will indeed be called Vita. According to a member of NeoGAF, the platform holder has trademarked both the names PSVita and PlayStation Vita, as well as a logo. Vita is rumoured to be the final name of NGP, …

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