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Are we charging enough for indie games?

Since 2012 we have been spoilt with a near-constant stream of indie titles coming to digital store fronts. Each and every week, a plethora of smaller projects come to Steam, PSN, Xbox Live and Nintendo’s eShop. They’re even on Xbox and PlayStation’s stages at the likes of E3 and Gamescom …

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‘We should be charging more for indie games’

The games industry is undervaluing indie games, say leading publishers. The majority of indie games are sold for 10 or less, but this year a number of high profile titles have broken that barrier, including Jonathan Blow’s The Witness (30, pictured) and Camp Santo’s Firewatch (15), which has sparked online …

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Oculus boss Luckey apologises for Rift pricing confusion

Just hours after it was revealed that the Oculus Rift would be setting back consumers 499 (or $599), the company’s founder Palmer Luckey took to Reddit for a Q&A. During the AMA (Ask Me Anything), Luckey was asked by one user why the messaging around the Rift’s price tag was …

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