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Industry must address horse armour ‘joke’

Right now, when you mention downloadable content, someone will mention a horse armour joke, and we need to get around that,” says Tom Armitage, a writer for creative design consultancy group Schulze and Webb. Armitage, speaking to a packed-out room at the Develop conference in Brighton, was referring to the …

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Young: iPhone games aren’t good enough

Whilst the Apple Apps store has been a monumental success for the iPhone platform holder since its arrival earlier this year, games priced at $9.99 or above have struggled to make much impact on the service – something that former EA exec Neil Young believes is down to the quality …

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Riccitiello: Software prices must come down

Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello has predicted that video games’ pricing model will be forced to change in the next decade – and said that EA may be one of the first to experiment. Speaking to Berkley Haas School of Business, Riccitiello said the standard next-gen software price of $59.99/49.99 …

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