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LittleBigPlanet server woes continue

Following the recent turmoil surrounding the religious sensitivity of its soundtrack , and the subsequent delay and re-dating of Media Molecule’s PS3 exclusive platformer LittleBigPlanet, the game’s North American release has been blighted by technical problems. Despite being patched to version 1.03 both here and in the US, many users …

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Development issues hindering DSi?

Development for the DS might have just become more complicated thanks to the introduction of the DSi, with claims that an anonymous developer has said that its game has been refused certification because it ‘freezes up’ on the new DSi platform. Direct your browser to Developmag.com for more.

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Sony pulls 2.40 PS3 firmware update

Yesterday’s arrival of the PS3 2.40 firmware update was a moment of celebration for the hardcore PS3 gaming community – but seemingly widespread reports of potentially console-wrecking problems has seen Sony remove the update from its servers. Following the release of 2.40 yesterday morning, the number of complaints on gaming …

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Metal Gear Online delayed

After a weekend of technical woes following the release of Konami’s Metal Online Beta on Sony’s PlayStation Network, the publisher has officially taken its servers offline until it figures out a way to cope with the huge traffic heading towards them. The beta appeared on PS3’s PSN for download on …

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