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Reeves: Profit is a specific pressure for PlayStation business

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president David Reeves has stated that Sony’s PlayStation division is on target to alleviate” the specific pressure” it has come under for failing to post a profit since the launch of PS3. In an upbeat forecast for the year ahead on the UK PlayStation site, Reeves …

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Nintendo makes $6 from every Wii sold

It’s common knowledge that Nintendo is the only current platform holder to have made a profit from its hardware from the off, and now a number has been put on that – $6. A report on Forbes reveals each Wii unit brings in an operating profit of $6 for Nintendo, …

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Playlogics Q3 revenue drops 70%

Dutch publisher Playlogic has reported disappointing figures for its fiscal third quarter which show revenues of 740,000 – a number that’s 70 per cent down on the revenues reported in the same period last year. Gross profits were also down significantly, hitting just 200,000 – substantially down on the previous …

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Infogrames net revenue up 45%

Atari’s parent company Infrogrames has announced an increase of net revenue of 44.5 per cent for its fiscal first half 2009-2009 ending September 30th. Despite falling 7.5 per cent, losses still totalled €85.67 million, though they were outweighed by a total net revenue for the period of €131.8 million, which …

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Sony issues profits warning

Japanese electronics firm Sony has issued a profit warning ahead of its full year financial reports next March – slashing its profit forecasts by 57 per cent in the process. The Times Online reports that Sony had previously predicted full year profits of YEN 470 billion, but this has now …

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Nintendo tops profit per capita table

Nintendo makes more profits per employee than both investment bank Goldman Sachs and Google, according to survey put together by the Financial Times. Each of the 3,000 staff at Nintendo – most of which work in games development or R&D – will produce $1.6m in profile this year.For the full …

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