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Microsoft shipped an Xbox One to a customer two months before it was announced

Just recently we’ve seen retailers selling consoles before they are announced, but how about the idea of a platform holder shipping one directly to a customer ahead of its reveal? It sounds too incredulous to be real, but apparently that’s exactly what happened in the run-up to the reveal of …

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Prototype bundle makes shock appearance on Xbox One

Surprise! Activision has with no fanfare or hype released a bundle of both Prototype games on Xbox One. Both Prototype and Prototype 2 are available to download from Xbox Live now, priced at 39.99. There’s no word yet on any potential differences compared to the original releases bar the inclusion …

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Valve to ship beta Steam Machines this week, SteamOS also available

300 beta testers will get their hands on the Valve-produced Steam Box and its new touch-based controller. Valve has announced up to 300 selected Steam Machine beta testers will be notified at 2pm PDT today and will receive the devices later this week. The living room PCs will ship this …

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