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NGP: Sony learnt from PS3 price

Sony has said that the reaction to its PS3 launch price had meant that keeping the launch price of the Next Generation Portable as low as possible is a key priority. At its E3 presentation in 2006 Sony revealed a $599 launch RRP for its home console. Jaws dropped at …

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NGP and PSP will co-exist

The upcoming launch of the NGP later this year does not spell the death of the PSP, Sony has confirmed. In fact, the platform holder says that it is still "struggling to meet demand" for the handheld, which continues to thrive in Japan. "The NGP features everything Sony can and …

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New PSP set for Euro unveil at Gamescom

Sony is expected to unveil key details regarding its Next Generation Portable at Gamescom 2011. The latest details from the leading European games trade show, which will take place in August, suggest the headline-grabbing device could have a major presence at this year’s event. Given that the NGP is due …

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