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Rainbow Six Siege brand director Remy on the successes of Operation Health, and the future of Siege

Gamescom is a swirling maelstrom of noise at the best of times, but the crowd here for Rainbow Six Siege’s Pro League finals is louder still, a cacophony of noise drowning out other booths at an event known for its sound and fury. Rainbow Six Siege has come a long …

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George ‘King George’ Kassa on joining up with Rogue, and the state of Rainbow Six Siege

It’s been a whirlwind month for George ‘King George’ Kassa. Last month, Kassa and his team departed Vertical Gaming after repeated financial disputes, where the team claimed “non-stop lying” had dissolved the relationship between the team and the organisations co-founder. The team were planning to compete at Gamescom as an …

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Rainbow Six Siege Blood Orchid patch brings a monster changelog after Operation Health

Rainbow Six Siege’s next big expansion. Blood Orchid, is coming September 5th. The patch notes for the expansion have now been released, and it’s the game’s most expansive patch to date. "3 months ago, Operation Health was deployed as a major initiative to improve the game for the upcoming years," …

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