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Borderlands 3 won’t be coming to Nintendo Switch

Developer Gearbox Software has revealed that it was in talks with Nintendo to bring the next instalment in the Borderlands franchise to Switch, but the platform’s holder didn’t carry on with the discussion. That’s according to Gearbox’s founder Randy Pitchford, as spotted by IGN, who was asked on Twitter to …

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Pitchford on Overwatch: Sh*t just got real

The head of Battleborn developer Gearbox has interpreted Blizzard’s decision to pitch Overwatch against it as proof that both studios are on to something. Blizzard this morning confirmed a May 24th release date for Overwatch, with an open beta kicking off for pre-order customers on May 3rd – that’s the …

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It frustrates people that I like Aliens: Colonial Marines, Pitchford says

What makes a good game? Is it possible to quantify what ‘good’ means? No it’s not, Randy Pitchford argues. You may not like Aliens: Colonial Marines, but he certainly does. Speaking to Eurogamer, Pitchford produced an email from a fan. "I really enjoyed AC:M, my all-time favourite game," it said. …

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Gearbox working on new Brothers in Arms game

Borderlands developer Gearbox Software is still working on a new ‘authentic’ Brothers in Arms game. That’s according to studio boss Randy Pitchford who – speaking with IGN at Develop: Brighton – said that the game was in the early stages on development. The Brothers in Arms series has been seen …

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Gearbox wants another studio to make new Duke Nukem

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has suggested he would be open to working with another studio on the Duke Nukem franchise. Speaking at the Develop: Brighton conference, Pitchford was responding to a question about the future of the Duke Nukem IP, which his company acquired in 2010. He said the developer …

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Pitchford stands up to critics

Randy Pitchford, president and CEO of Gearbox Software, believes that even hatred from gamers is a sign that you have accomplished something as a developer. As far as he is concerned, there are two obvious ways to approach prolonged and aggressive criticism: feel like Gearbox has screwed up, or that …

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